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Top 15 things needed to launch a business or service Top 15 Things Needed to Run a Business

Top 15 Things Needed to Run a Business

Lets go from easiest to hardest to launch a business..

  1. https://www.cousleyandcompany.com/First Register your business
  2. Creating a logo for your business or Service
  3. Building your website page
  4. Finding startup capital
  5. Hiring the right partners
  6. Finding your office space
  7. Building a prototype of your product/service.
  8. Making payroll every 2 weeks
  9. Building out your products/ services
  10. Finding new clients
  11. Competing against folks just as good as you (if not better)
  12. Keeping clients happy
  13. Fighting off patent trolls
  14. Hiring GOOD staff
  15. Keeping staff inspired & motivated

Follow these steps to launch a business and you are on your way to success

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