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Why Starting Your Own Business is Good for Your Mental Health ?

As we’re facing the pandemic of COVID-19, it is causing anxiety among the population but it’s a relief now that scientists have discovered how to make vaccines for COVID. During times like this one when employability and mental health of people aren’t stable. We need to give some attention to these topics as well and that’s what we’re discussing in this article. How starting your own business will be profitable and it can improve your mental health too.

Bad mental health can lead to depression and according to many studies, depression has increased with the modern trends in the world.

According to studies and our own personal experiences, we all are aware of the fact that bad mental health can lead to less work functioning. You would not even feel like going out with your friends or even doing the regular chores. Being productive will be like a daydream. Productivity loss due to COVID or some other reasons can be the real barrier between you and your sanity. So, why not face it! If unproductivity is the cause of your psychological state then you gotta face it headstrong and what’s better than starting your start-up.

Why Starting Your Own Business Can Be The Solution?

  • Be Your Own Boss 

According to a 2015 Gallup survey, toxic bosses are the reason behind the bad mental health of 41% of employees in America. Your boss can be the reason behind your anxiety and sleepless nights as the bosses can make or break the environment of the workplace. If your colleagues are a pain in the neck and you just can’t stand them then it is high time you gotta do something for yourself.

If this is the case with your boss or if the workplace is in any way affecting your mental health then this can be an indication that starting your own business can be a great option for you. You can create a non-toxic workplace for yourself and fill it with your positive vibes which will keep your sanity intact.

  • The Happiness of Building Something 

Building something for yourself from scratch will bring so much happiness to you that you can’t even imagine right now. You will be the head of every department whether it is coming up with new ideas, creating projects, or setting and achieving targets. Imagine how action-packed and exhilarating the process it would be. You will learn a lot of things about the business and yourself as well, it can prove to be an enlightening journey.

Experience everything,  they say as it makes you wiser. You will be doing all the groundwork instead of sitting in a cubicle. People who have opted out of a regular job and started something of their own told us that it gave them a reality check every day.

  • You’ll Get all the Benefits 

. Many times you will not be appreciated for the number of hours and effort you put into someone else’s company. Imagine working for hours and putting that much effort into something just for experiencing work anxiety.

If you start working for yourself, you’ll get full rewards for what you’ve done and no efforts will go unappreciated. It’s far better than working for a faceless company that pays you peanuts. You’ll be pumped up for working more and more as the rewards will be directly proportional to the effort you’re putting in. In this case, you’re not working for a monthly salary but you’re working so that the seed you planted will someday grow to become a plant or even a tree. This productive workflow will help you to keep up with your mental health.

  • Freedom is Equal to Happiness 

With starting your own business you’ll have the advantage of working at your own pace. You can speed things up if you want to and you can keep things slow if you want to. You can have small breaks in between for reviving your mental health whether it means going on a vacation or spending some time in your home town.


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